Hello lovelies,

I’m Kriti Sharma. I’ve a natural flair towards anything artistic and I think I’m super creative. And I always wished there was some channel through which I can voice my opinion regarding all gorgeous and cute things, hence, this blog was born. I strongly feel that a woman should wear whatever she feels most comfortable in and that will make her confident. And it is this confidence that oozes out charm and beauty.

If you want to know little bit of more about me:

I’m an MBA student and I’ve chosen marketing as my major specialisation. I’m a student of IMT Ghaziabad. I fancy all cute and pink things and I’m an absolute make-up lover. And specially, I’m obsessed with bold lipsticks, they’re my all time favourites and mood up-lifters. Right now, I’m learning how to do make-up on my own.I believe that reading about the products and testing different looks on your own can help you discover what is best for you.

Apart from this I have an unhealthy obsession with the street food and golgappas are my absolute favourites.

I appreciate each and every one of you for taking out the time to read my posts. I hope my content inspires you in some way and teaches you something new and fun!

Also, if you want to connect to me on a personal level you can just email me on queriesforkriti@gmail.com , I would love to answer your doubts and queries.