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Hello lovelies,

This is my first post on this blog. I’ve been wanting to write a blog post like this from a long time (since probably more than a year back) but couldn’t do so. I’m a fashion enthusiast and I’ve been actively following some of make-up and beauty channels on YouTube since long back.  And that is my inspiration to start this blog. Better late than never, so let’s get started.

This blog post is about my current favourite lipsticks and all of them are very pocket friendly and economical. Before starting, I want to admit that I am a big lipstick fan and I feel that lipstick is something that can instantly light up any girl’s mood. For me personally bold lipsticks speak to my soul.

So, the first one in my list is Coloressence Mesmerising Lipcolor in the shade Poetry in Pink 8. This is the first lipstick that I ever bought and I still have it. I bought it when I was doing graduation and I think I got it for INR 200. It is such a pretty pink colour and it will look good on any skin-tone. It does not have a good pigmentation and whenever I wear it I apply two swatches on my lips because I like bold lips. It is easily available on retail stores and online on flipkart. One problem with this lipstick is that it doesn’t last longer than 2-3 hours. It would be good for college going girls or for someone who is buying lipstick for the first time.

Coloressence Mesmerising Lipcolor in the shade Poetry in Pink 8


Next is one of my absolute favourites, Blue Heaven Matt Orange in shade MO 161. I think I got it for INR 150 or 180 and this is one brand that is available on any retail store pan India. Since, I have a warm undertone, the oranges and the corals look great on my skin. This lipstick  compliments my undertones and it makes me feel sexy. Although it claims to be matt but it is not completely matt and mind that even though it is matt orange this lipstick is more on the reddish orange side. I use it on a daily basis and this is one must have essential for my everyday go to glam look.

Blue Heaven Matt Orange in shade MO 161


The next one in my list is an absolute essential in every girl’s make-up kit and that is a bold red lipstick. A bold red lipstick can turn any girl into a glamorous diva instantly.  The one that I’m currently using is Meilin Non Transfer lipstick in the shade Blood Red. You can buy it from Amazon at INR 345 only. The link to buy this is:

Meilin is a Taiwanese cosmetic brand and trust me it is the best red lipstick in this price range. I’m using it for more than a year now, it is matt, highly pigmented and it stays for good 5 -6 hours. I highly recommend this brand.

Meilin Non Transfer lipstick in the shade Blood Red


The fourth one that I currently obsess upon is Nelf USA lipstick in shade CT17. I bought this one from a retail store in Ghaziabad. This is a very creamy lipstick. And I don’t know the exact colour shade but it pinkish peach sort of. One thing I love about this lipstick is that it feels super soft on lips. And I think I got this one for INR 250 or 300, I don’t exactly remember. I wear this one too on a day to day basis.

Nelf USA lipstick in shade CT17


The last one in my list is a lipstick from Vestige. It is a Classic Creme lipstick from the brand called Mistral of Milan in shade 005 Hot Pink. This is the most expensive lipstick of my list and it costs INR 450. It is a very pretty ready for party shade. This hot pink colour is very glamorous and I love the packaging of this lipstick. It lasts for 3-4 hours and is highly pigmented.

Mistral of Milan in shade 005 Hot Pink

So these are the 5 gorgeous lipsticks that are my current favourites. Let me know what are your current favourites in the comment section below.

Disclaimer : The opinions expressed in the above post are my own and I have not been paid by any of these brands for promotion.

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  1. It’s a great beginning!
    I have used the Meilin Lipstick and it’s awesome.. Really soft and stays there for the whole day! These are some great recommendations.. 🙂 Eager to read more posts like this!

  2. Its amazing 😍❤️❤️ I really liked the nelf USA one !! Will try these 😍 Waiting for some more such lovely posts!!!

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